While visiting friends, I borrowed my friend’s Cannon DLSR to take pictures of the dark clouds moving in, shortly after alerts of a violent storm approaching. I took a picture of the shore line, clearly showing a brick building with a white roof. I looked away from the camera and noticed a hovering dot at about 60 degrees off the horizon, north west of the previous picture. I aimed the camera at the object. I was using a 70-300mm lens.

I zoomed all the way in. I still could only see a dot, so I snapped the picture. All a sudden before I could take another, it disappeared out of my lens view moving at a high rate of speed in a south westerly direction. Since I could not see it, I swung the camera down and began clicking along the shore line, capturing as much sky as I could, but actually saw nothing with my naked eye through the lens.  When I went inside, I used the camera to zoom in on the dot of light. To our surprise, it looked like a boat in the sky. I asked my friend if I could take the card home and copy the pictures I took.

When I got the images on a full screen pc, To my surprise, there were tiny dots of light around the “boat” object in some sort of a 45 degree angled line. I believe I found 6 dots of light. The major surprise came when I looked at the blindly snapped picture after that. It revealed a hovering object over the brick building. In addition there is a couple of dots. One is a white dot, and the other appears, when blown up to be a gray oval shape with a black dot (dome?). I have shown these image to J1 and J2, abductees from the Allagash Incident. I’m good friends with them. I do not want to turn over the rights to these images.

I’m good with examining them for authenticity, but will not assign exclusive rights to my images. I trust MUFON and the Weiners and I believe these to be interesting enough for analysis. I also think that “J1″ said he would be sending the images to Ray Fowler.

If you feel you would like to investigate this, please have the local MUFON investigator contact me. I’ve included a blow up of the dot and a few of the accompanying lights.